Welcome! Thank you for visiting Fred Borgianini Photography.
My goal is to make images that captivate. I work to bring out the best in the subject and to convey my vision and emotion at the moment I pressed the shutter button.
I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects: wildlife, landscapes, automobiles, flowers, and others; this is a reflection of my life. Personally and professionally, diversity is key. As a photographer, musician, and project management professional, I draw from my skills and experience to create the best possible art I can.
Home is the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, where photographic opportunities are all around. Many of my images of birds are made within walking distance of home. When traveling I try to find unique views to capture the feel of the location. My mantra is “Get up close and fill the frame.”
Please feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact link in the Menu bar or at my email address: fredborgphoto@gmail.com

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